Over the Hump Travelers


Jimmy Johnson
Pahrump, NV
jjohnstonoh@gmail.com 360 929-5988

As Good Sam chapters we all strive to help out and volunteer within our communities from making charitable donations to filling bags of snack foods for school kids but for the Over the Hump Travelers there is one event that brings more chapter members together than any other is the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay (B2V). The B2V challenge cup relay is a 20 stage relay race that brings law enforcement teams from all over the world to our desert southwest. Our chapters jobs....run the stages. From early Saturday morning to early Sunday morning (depending on where you are stationed) we man one of the 20 stages as set up and registration specialists. We start by setting up the runners chutes, set up the check in area and spend the rest of the day checking in the runners for each of our stages of the race. We have been fortunate enough to meet teams from all over the world and from every branch of law enforcement and we get to ID each and everyone, talk about a wonderful turn of events. "Can I see your ID? That doesn't look like you." To say we have a little fun ID’ing law enforcement officers is an understatement.

October 2016 - Beatty Days Parade:

Over the Hump Travelers participated in the Beatty Days parade today and took second place in the float category. We had President Jim Johnston pulling a trailer with a tent followed by utvs decorated as covered wagons, one decorated with Western signage and one decorated as a motor home. We had a great time.

Cyndi Barney Smith

April 2013 - Volunteering at the Baker to Vegas Challange Cup Relay

Over the Hump Traveler Chapter Members from left to right: Jim and Joann Johnston, John and Leanette Robertson, Cyndi Smith, Diana Smith, Alvin Smith and Harry Smith.