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The Reno Renegade Sams were chartered by the Good Sam Club in September 1987 and we have been going strong ever since. Our members range in age from the mid-fifties to a very young 83!  We may have started as a group of Reno based RVers, but as we have grown older, we have expanded our horizons.  Our members now reside in such diverse places as Sparks, Carson City, Dayton and even Truckee, CA.

May '15 Outing, words from the Trail Boss:

We had been advised not to continue with our outing because of the forecasted storms. Evelyn and I decided we would take a look at the conditions and if indeed it looked to bad, we would let the others know. When we got there on Wednesday afternoon, it was a little breezy but nothing out of the ordinary for Pyramid Lake. Thursday, everyone else showed up and got their rigs parked with the back ends facing the lake so everyone had a great view out their living room windows. One couple discovered the problems of soft sand and two wheel drive, but nothing a little nudge couldn't overcome.

The place we camped had a large fire pit. One member did his best to keep that fire going. It was really a welcome gathering site for the guys while the women we all off playing Mexican Train in someone's nice warm camper. Thursday, it continued to be a little breezy but not bad. No rain. We spent a few moments guffawing the weather man for advising us to stay home. Still, when we woke up on Friday morning, the surrounding hills had a coating of white on the peaks, we had had a little rain that night. Then, it continued raining all day Friday but it was no big thing. The Mexican Train tournament continued and the guys huddled under an awning or two.

Saturday morning, the hills had more snow, more hills with snow and the level a little lower. But the sun came out, and the trail Bosses had breakfast for everyone. One more member showed just in time for a class on how to make pickles.

After lunch, members started their dutch oven cooking of a great meat dish and a dutch oven recipe of beef stew. Once again, we could have fed an army.

The meal was finished off with a second dish of peach cobbler. It's not fair that my stomach couldn't hold all that was put before it. We all went to bed that night with full tummies and then some.

Sunday morning started the long drive back home. We had a nice appreciation for good weather.

Howard Kelly, Trail Boss (edited by Webmaster for Nevada Good Sam website publication)

May Outing Pictures

Oct '14 Outing: Reno Renegade Sams enjoying their October 2014 outing at the Carson Vally Inn in Minden, NV.

August Outing Pictures

Jul-Dec 2013 Outings:

Welcome: I would like to give you some information on the wonderful fun we have had in the last six months of 2013.

We have a charity for our chapter, “NORTHERN NEVADA CHILDREN CANCER FOUNDATION” which we donate to at the end of the year. In 2014 we will vote on a new charity. We have 50 /50 ticket sales, white elephant auctions, and raffle ticket sales for special items to raise funds for our charity. .

In July we went to Cromberg, Calif. for our outing at Golden Coach RV Park. It was a great time had by all with games, potluck, and just enjoying ourselves. ( see attached Photos)

In August we had our officers outing at Pioneer in Quincy, Calif. . We had the men do a hula contest with a few lessons from one of our members who lived in Hawaii for some time. (see attached photo)

This was a lot of fun had by all, great food, lots of prizes etc.

There was also a lot of fun at the other outings. Too many to mention. Most of the members have animals, dogs or cats. We have no fee to join our chapter, except for the name tags and yearly dues of $12.00 for per rig for 2 or more and $7.00 per rig for one person.

There are outings or luncheons every third Saturday of each month. These are voluntary sign ups at the end of each year. The trailmasters get to choose where we go and if they want a theme etc. Usually on Saturday we have a meeting for one hour and a potluck dinner at the outing. It is up to the trailmasters to make the arrangements and let the person who is doing the newsletter know, so she can attach the info to the newsletter each month. We have the minutes of our meetings attached to the newsletter and will e-mail to you on request.

We have two state rallies each year. One in the spring and one in the fall. We welcome everyone to join us for a great time.

We welcome all people who love to have fun, great food, like to travel, use their RVs, motor homes, trailers or campers and like to visit and play games etc. Please contact use for more information. Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you in the future.

Bonnie & Doug Hall
President, Reno Renegades
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