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Dan White
Sun Valley, NV
Silver Sage Sams was chartered in January 1973, and it's purpose was for organized meetings with good people to have a lot of fun traveling and camping. We also enjoy, as a group, cleaning up sites; our motto is "Always leave the environment better because we were there". We want to promote pride in America. We love experiencing the majestic and magnificent scenery of our beautiful country. For forty years we have been very successful at accomplishing our goals. God bless America and our troops, so that we can continue our way of life.
Campground Information

July '15 Outing at Eagle Lake just above Susanville CA.

We had a lot of good eats and fun, music was provided by Mark Lund, Violin & Dick Lane, Harmonica. We were left wanting more as they played the old tunes from our beginnings as teenagers as well as some of the tunes that helped settle the country in the beginning. We are loosing so many of the things that made our country great, our great accomplishments as well as our disappointments,but through it all, we are the greatest Nation in the world no matter what others think of us. We need to rejuvenate our patriotism in America. Let us all pray for our country and its safety. Our country, our troops & our police are all under attack, both in foreign countries and at home as well . WE NEED TO PRAY HARD FOR ALL OF THEM,


Eagle Lake Pictures

June '15 Outing Cold Springs Station: S.S.S. had their June meeting at Cold Springs on Hwy 50, just 60 miles East of Fallon. Owner John and his staff made us feel very welcome as usual, they have done a great job for us for about 5 years now, thanks to all of you.

Our group had 15 rigs present with special guests from Las Vegas. Jack & Joyce Weddle joined us and we had a great evening of Food, Fun & Fantastic Music. Nancy Lane Keyboard, Dick Lane Guitar, Mark Lund on the Fiddle, & Jack Weddle also on the Keyboard belted out old time tunes we all knew from our teen years, We all had a great, great evening. Our sincere thanks to all who did such a great Job. A lot of our group also did a lot of A.T.V. riding through the mountains. We had projects like making Cards that the ladies really liked. We had games such as Cribbage and other board games. As usual we had great food from everyone and our thanks to Bill Griffitts for his culinary talents that he is now getting his son Paul into, thanks guys. Overall everyone had a lot of fun and games and of course our rides.

My sincere thanks to all who came out and support us as a chapter. We have one of the most congenial, talented groups ever assembled, For us, We're so happy to be a part of such a cohesive group of individuals.

Our next meeting will be at Eagle Lake just a short distance from Susanville Ca.

Thanks to everyone,

George & Carol

Cold Springs Pictures

May '15 Outing Likely Place Golf and RV Resort: It is so beautiful at Likely, snowy mountains in the distance and lots of pine trees and green meadows with cattle. Guess who was waiting for us. The hosts provided chili dogs for dinner and we brought accompaniments. It was chilly but still nice. Patty made hotcakes for breakfast Thursday, Some of us played cards, others just gabbed and enjoyed each others company. Thursday evening we went to Alturas to an Italian cafe. We all ordered something different and all seemed pleased with their meal. Friday, went to the restaurant at the golf course for breakfast and lunch. The gals played the 'Golf' card game. There was a cribbage tournament, $5.00 to play and winner and charity share the money. George won. Patty handed out darling favors to the Mothers of the group. Friday night hor d'ouevres was spectacular as usual, everyone outdid themselves. We seem to be eating most of the time. Mark, Dick and Nancy played some music. Saturday was the donation breakfast, it was well received The gals played Mexican train and there was another cribbage tournament.Tana beat Hank to win. Roger took a nice long ride in his Razor. Hackneys had their 'open house' which is a nice way to show off your new rig. Champagne flowed and of course there was delicious snacks, They do have a beautiful rig. Saturday was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. Dinner was very good, trailbosses fixed bacon cheeseburgers and the rest was potluck. MMMMM GOOD!! Sunday morning the hosts had eggs benedict, for the Mothers, and their otherhalf's which was outstanding. Thanks to Daniels, Hackney's and Johnson's for a great campout. Then we all went home. . BYE!! Nancy

Likely Pictures

April '15 Outing: S.S.S's. had our outing in Coleville Ca. The senery is beautiful there, quiet and picturesque. We had a lot of fun, cribbage, golf, sequence, Mexican train, & ladder ball, and of course a lot of great EATS from all our wonderful cooks.

We had 1 new couple join our chapter Joe & Cleo DiTucci.

Coleville Pictures

Pahrump Nevada Good Sams Rally 2015: This March we attended the Samboree; there were ten rigs from our Silver Sage Sams chapter. It was the largest attendance in four years. My thanks to all who attended.

We all had a great time with our good friends. We were fortunate enough to win 5 first places and 3 third places in various events. My congratulations to all who won. I really appreciate all your hard work and effort to make S.S.S. look so good!

Our first-place winners were:
- Nancy Lane - 1st place horseshoe doubles
- Della Mozzini - 1st place washers
- Annette Daniels - 1st place cribbage doubles
- Scott Mount - 1st place cribbage singles
- George Johnson - 1st place judges award in a new event, Dutch Oven cooking
- S.S.S. chapter - 1st place bean-bag baseball

Our third-place winners were:
- Karen Mount - 3rd place crafts (deer painting)
- Nancy Lane - 3rd place horseshoe singles
- Mike Daniels - 3rd place horseshoe doubles

We had a great meal cooked by the Good Sam state staff. My thanks to all of them who helped with this banquet - it was enjoyed by all. We also had great entertainment by Bill and Jack, and hope that these two musicians make this a Samboree event. The camaraderie shared by everyone at this Samboree was outstanding and it made it really enjoyable.

Our thanks to Dana and Cindy for such a great Samboree.

Thanks to all,
George and Carol Johnson

P.S. Some of us took a small side trip to China Ranch date farm near the town of Tecopa. We all enjoyed the couple of hours spent doing that side trip.

Pahrump Pictures

Winnemucca Nevada Good Sams Rally 2014: There was a lot of fun had by all on this outing. Norma Naylor & Harry Smith took 1st. place in cribbage doubles as Tana Steigel took the grand prize of 1st. in the cribbage singles.Joe Benitez took 3rd. in Horseshoe singles & horseshoe doubles. Nanct Lane took 1st. in horseshoes doubles Womens & a 3rd in horseshoes singles, the Queen has gracefully fallen after a 15 year straight No.# 1 place, she fought all the way.Norma Naylor also took 1st. in crafts in her division.

All of these members deserve a well done-great job pat on the back, all of you made our chapter proud. Congrats.

George Johnson

Winnemucca Pictures

August '14 Outing: Our August campout was held in Cromberg CA. We had 13 rigs and 2 guests, Roger Shores of Fernley & Terry & Linda Williams of Reno. We really enjoyed their coming out and hope to see them again. We had a lot of good eats, Mexican theme for our potluck. Joe and Pat Benitez, and Ian and Anita McKay were the hosts; they did such a good job for new members, thanks guys. We had thunder, lightening, rain, and hail but everyone had a great time.

George Johnson

August Outing Pictures

July '14 Outing: The Silver Sage Sam's July outing was held at the old Pony Express Station in Cold Springs, 60 miles east of Fallon. We had a great turnout, 15 rigs and several guests. Joe and Pat brought a wonderful shade tent which we all enjoyed as it was quite warm. The Griffitts, Hackneys and Johnsons outdid themselves providing very good breakfasts. Hackney's also brought ice cream, and Marge brought her muffins for us. John, one of the owners had an excellent fish fry for us on Friday night, very tasty! We voted in Steve and Norma Naylor and Tommy Thompson. We had GREAT fellowship and lot of enjoyment. Highlights of the outing were ATV riding, games, and crafts.

On the first day of riding the mountains above Cold Springs the riders saw a herd of wild horses.The second day they spotted the mountain sheep, and a mountain lion. And of course, the antelope could be seen from the campground. There are also two old pony express stations (Edwards Creek Station and the Cold Springs Station) that they were able to check out plus some old buildings, one being the barn for the Wells Fargo Stage Line.

July Outing Pictures

Narrative and pictures provided by Janice Griffitts

We had two guests - Mike and Phyllis Peyerl. We were all glad to see them.

George Johnson

April '14 Outing: The first outing of the Silver Sage Sams was held in Coleville CA at the Meadow Cliff RV park, in the foothills of the Eastern Sierra. Marge and Harry Kuhn were the trail bosses, They reported 15 rigs and 1 drive in. The weather was perfect for outdoor fun. We had 2 couples as guests and prospective members. Our camp cooks, Bill Griffitts, Rob Hackney, Mike Daniels and Tony Larson did a great job supplying us with food; breakfast burritos, chili dogs, biscuits and gravy, hamburgers and fruit complimented by potluck dishes. Our guest Norma Naylor brought supplies to make pocket purses, and loads of bling to go on them. The purses were really cute. We had a good time making them. Being our first campout, we had a lot of catching up to do. The gals played cards and the guys did a lot of sitting and BS in general. At our meeting, we voted in Ian and Anita McKay and discussed next months outing to Likely CA.
May '14 Outing: Silver Sage Sams were in Likely, CA for May 2014 and everyone had a great time.There was beautiful Scenery, Rain, Wind, Sleet, Hail, and, of course, Snow. We experienced everything Mother Nature had to offer. We had golf and sunshine as well, it truly was awesome, a great campout including lots of indoor card playing. The weather made this trip a very memorable occasion.

Written by Nancy Lane

Chapter Officers and April Outing Pictures.